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Launch Notes: Fish In Water? Or Not So Much...
Working on content for the podcast launch episodes (30 January 😅) and with my head full of too-many-ideas! I'm curious: how have you experienced professional life? Fish in water? Or not so comfy? And what makes the difference?

I'm interested to know...

So having committed to a launch date I now find myself going round in circles about content!

It's funny how sometimes everything seems so clear and straightforward when something is a concept, you know, an idea that clearly makes sense and will be a 'Good Thing', but when push comes to shove and you need to put pen to paper it's like a swarm of idea-bees starts to gather and buzz around inside your head and you don't know where to start.

Or perhaps that's just me.

Anyroad, one of the things I've been curious about for years is the fact that some people  thrive happily in a professional business environment, while others seem to find the whole thing toxic. We've all seen the stats on workplace stress and stress-related illness, and it seems to me that's clear evidence of this: some people seem to be well-equipped to thrive in their working environment, while some people simply aren't.

So is it simply a matter of preparedness? In which case we can help people to be better prepared, and to experience an environment not as toxic but as an exciting, challenging and rewarding place to work. Or is it a matter of personality? In which case the mismatch is profound and no amount of preparation will make an environment anything other than toxic, and for a person to doggedly persevere can only lead to problems for the company and, more importantly for the individual.

And of course it's not that every environment is inherently toxic. Different environments will be more or less toxic for different people.

Clearly there are no hard edges here: it's to do with each person's nature, preparedness and environment.

So I think that's something I want to explore in one of my launch episodes.

We all know that feeling of being the wrong person on the wrong place, of course, and I worked with one talented individual who decided to abandon his corporate cube and become a London cabbie. And another who experienced corporate life in a week's work experience and vowed never to work in a place like that. He now runs his own very successful garden landscaping business.

And we also all know people who are, or have been, happy and contented in those very same environments. I was talking to one of them the other day and he told me "in my career I was like a fish in water".

Actually this is one of the reasons why some organisations are resistant to independent coaching, because the nature of coaching is to help a person understand themselves better so that they can live a more fulfilled life professionally and successfully. And that means it's quite a common experience for a coach to find that their client comes to realise that the water they will best swim in lies somewhere else. What the organisation hopes for, of course, is to have the person perform better where they are!

In truth that's the best outcome for everyone because the person gets to move to a pool that will suit them better and the organisation can recruit someone who is a better fit and the more enlightened employer fully appreciates that and sees it as a benefit of coaching rather than a threat or a risk.

But I seem to be getting into the detail here so I'll draw a line under it here.

But it's clear that if a person can be conscious and discerning about the environment that will best suit them, understand their own nature, and be deliberate and proactive about becoming as well prepared as they can be then the likelihood of them thriving is considerably improved.

Food for thought, in any case.

What do you think? Have you been a fish in water? Or the other thing? And what would you say to a young professional that would help them be the one and not the other?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime,  that's it for this little video. So I'll sign off by wishing you every success in whatever you are doing, whatever success means for you. Bye for now and I'll see you again next time.

Launching 30 January 2023


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