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The 'Nobody Needs a Coach' Podcast: What's It All About?
Well, Happy New Year everyone! I've set the podcast launch date! And here's the first of my short videos to keep you updated about what's happening, what content I'm working on and things you, as a business professional, might find it helpful to think about...

Let me know what you think - please leave a comment down below!

If you know anyone who is an early/mid-career business professional then please share this with them! I am committed to this podcast and all the supporting resources being a valuable asset for them - the sort of asset that I really wanted and needed when I was setting out on my own professional journey.

Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!

Given that it is the new year, and we're all looking forward into whatever 2023 brings us I just wanted to make a quick video to start spreading the word about what I'm planning for January. This is a whole new venture for me and I'm excited and, to be honest, a bit apprehensive. But mainly excited.

Because for the past few months I've been talking privately about launching a podcast, and now the time has come to start talking about it publicly.

And by the end of January I will have half a dozen episodes or so in the bag so that when I push the launch button there's plenty of content already there for people to listen to and engage with.

And the button gets pushed on Monday 30th January this year. It will be going live on all the big podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, and Google Podcasts, but I think it might take a while for the platforms to review and approve it, so we'll see how long that takes. In the meantime it will be fully available on Day One on Podbean and on the website which I'll tell you about later.

So what's it all about?

For a while now I've been working as a coach with early and mid-career professionals, and it's clear to me that this is the stage in a career where good coaching can make a tremendous difference. But coaching is seldom available to people at this sort of level. Generally it is reserved for more senior people. Of course there's always the option of paying for this sort of professional development coaching out of your own pocket, but the truth is that many professionals at this stage in their careers are carrying tens of thousands of pounds of student debt, they are trying to build up the capital for the deposit on a house, and finding extra cash to invest in their own professional development isn't top of the agenda.

So what I'm hoping to do with this podcast is to reach out to those early and mid-career professionals and say, well, you don't need a coach.

So the podcast is called 'nobody needs a coach'. And the website is nobodyneedsacoach.com.

I'm aiming for it to be a thoroughly practical resource for business professionals, supported by downloadable resources and so on to give as much support as possible when it comes to putting the ideas into practice. And, to be honest, I'm a bit fed up with books and videos and podcasts that are full of flim-flam and flannel and padding, so I want it to be to-the-point and easily consumed, and packed with the sort of ideas you can put into practice. Enough ideas but not too many. If you listen to it on the way to work you will, I hope, think to yourself 'hah! Yes, I can really use that!', and be able to use the idea while it's still fresh as soon as you step through the office door, rather than being so overwhelmed it all goes in one ear and out of the other.

So I'm looking at 30 to 40 minutes, published once month, at least to begin with.

Now it might sound like an odd thing for a coach to say, that nobody needs a coach, but it's true.

Let me explain.

The first thing to say is that I firmly believe in the power of coaching, and I know from my own experience how important a good coach or mentor can be, as a source of new ideas and different perspectives, offering a safe space to talk about the difficult stuff and the tools to move you forward, as someone to challenge you and hold you accountable.

So if you have the resources then I encourage you to find a coach or mentor with the range of skills and experience you want, and who can give you the challenge and support you want. That doesn't come cheap, of course, so if your company won't fund it then it might not be an option for you.

But you don't actually need a coach.

Because you can do so much on your own initiative. All it takes is a bit of curiosity and the willingness to give things a go. To experiment with different ways of seeing yourself, seeing the world, and seeing your place in it. Different ways of seeing other people and learning form them. Different ways of looking at the situations you find yourself in. Different ways of understanding the relationships that create and influence the way things happen, for better and worse.

And, as a consequence, developing in yourself the sort of flexible, resourceful and nuanced responses you see in your most effective, self-assured and professional colleagues, associates and friends.

So I'm hoping that the content I create will be the sort of thing that would make the rest of us say 'I really wish someone had told me that when I was starting out!'.

So, if you're interested, watch this space! If you know anyone who might find this useful, please share this with them.

If you head over to the website at www.nobodyneedsacoach.com you'll see where you can sign up for the email newsletter.

If you're on LinkedIn then please feel free to connect at linkedin.com/in/jimpirrie or follow the podcast page at linkedin.com/company/nobodyneedsacoach.

If you're on Facebook then be sure to like facebook.com/nobodyneedsacoach.

And if you want to get involved in the conversation then head over to facebook.com/groups/nobodyneedsacoach and request to join the private group.

That's it for now, I think! Thanks for watching right through! And I'd love your comments  if you feel like sharing your thoughts.

Let me know what you think, and watch out for the next update!

Once again, I wish you a happy and successful New Year, whatever success might mean for you. Bye for now and I'll see you again soon.

Launching 30 January 2023


I firmly and passionately believe that coaching is a positive, forward looking and intentional investment in your creation of a fulfilling, rewarding and successful future. But sometimes the time isn't right, or the financial resources aren't there, or the company won't fund it.

And that's why I created the 'Nobody Needs a Coach' podcast.

Because there's a lot you can do by yourself, on your own initiative — as long as you have the right information and encouragement to get you started and keep you going.

The 'Nobody Needs a Coach' podcast is for you if you're interested in coaching and committed to moving yourself forward in your life and career, but aren't in a place where working with a coach in person would work for you. Full of practical, down-to-earth, real-life ideas, strategies and tools that you can take away and use for real in your life and work, right now.

If that's you then pop your email in here and we'll keep you up to date...

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