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What To Expect When You Open The Box...
Well that's the topics planned for Launch Day! All I have to do now is create the content! How to make it interesting? How to make it useful? How to make it easy? In case you're interested, here's the plan...

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Well, I've said several times that I want this podcast to be of real practical help, no fluff, no filler and ideas that can be put into practice the very next time we get back to our desk, or in that next meeting, or in that next coffee machine encounter.

I know what the topics will be for the first half a dozen episodes of the podcast, and I'll share more about that over the next few days. But now I've got the list, I need to work out how to set up the structure of each episode! Because I think it's the structure that will help to keep each episode focused and practical.

And I think a regular structure is really helpful for a number of other reasons.

The first reason is that I think it makes it more listenable-to because it means that each episode is broken down into bite-sized chunks with a natural break in between so you can take a pause and think about what you've just heard.

The second reason is that it helps in the development of the central theme. It means we can take our theme and look at it in the context of the big picture. I think that's important because it kind of says 'this is why we're bothering to look at this'.

And we need to look at that from two perspectives.

First we need to face up to the potential personal and organisational pain that is a consequence of 'doing it wrong', so to speak.

And then we need to contrast that with how both we and the organisation would perform better as a consequence of 'doing it right', as it were.

For us as individuals that might mean getting better results, first time, on time, more often. For our teams that might mean the same: better results, first time, on time, more often. And for our organisations it might mean better products and services, faster to market, better customer service, more sales, better margins and so on.

So getting a firm grip on the Big Picture is the essential foundation.

So having done that we need to narrow the focus.

We need to accept the reality that things only ever really get done in collaboration with other people. So we need to understand the influence of our chosen topic on the behaviour and performance of the teams we work in and around. We need to understand how to be more aware of the symptoms of ill-health, if you like, and we need to understand how the behavioural dynamics are affected and so on. Because only with that clarity can we take any action at all to influence the situation for the better.

And that brings us quite naturally to the third step, because we need to make it practical and we need to make it personal. We narrow the focus further still to explore the boots-on-the-ground skills and behaviours we ourselves personally need to develop if we are to become more able to not only to be more resourceful and effective ourselves, but also if we are to become better able to influence the teams we work in and around to be more resourceful and effective.

And the final thing is then to support that whole story with practical resources. I mean easily-consumed stuff that we can refer to whenever we want to help us put the ideas into practice. So I'm thinking of, say, a short video tutorial accompanied by a checklist or step-by-step guide or something like that. Practical key points. Something that we can come back to time and time again just by logging in to the podcast membership area and watching or downloading, wherever we are.

And the whole thing needs to be topped and tailed with an opening and a closing.

So that's the structure I'll be working with as I create those first half a dozen launch episodes.

There will be a short opening where we'll put today's topic in the context of what we've explored in previous episodes.

There will be a Big Picture section where we'll take a high level look at the topic so we can understand the weaknesses, risks and challenges caused by 'ill health', and the strengths, benefits and opportunities that can potentially be realised by doing things differently. And to understand that not only for ourselves personally, but to understand what it can mean for teams and the organisation as a whole, and perhaps indeed the wider environment through clients and customers.

There will be a Results Through Others section where we narrow the focus to look at how team performance can be affected for the worse and influenced for the better.

And then there will be a Making a Name For Yourself section, where we will look at how you might put the ideas into practice in your own professional and personal life. And I'm calling it Make a Name For Yourself because it's about so much more than just skills and behaviours. It's about understanding the sort of personal and professional reputation you want to build for yourself. It's about the stories you tell yourself about yourself. And it's about the stories other people tell about you.

After that we'll have a short Resources section, where I'll explain what supporting resources there are for each episode and how to get hold of them.

That will be followed by a quick sneak preview of the next episode.

And finally a brief closing section to sign off and wish you well!

So at the moment that's the plan!

Opening, Big Picture, Results Through Others, Making a Name For Yourself, Free Resources, Sneak Preview and Close.

All I need to do now is get on with creating all that content in time for the launch on Monday January 30th!

So I hope you enjoy it when it's all released! And I hope you find that it's something you can use in your own life and career.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this, and I'd be interested to hear about your own experiences.

So please leave me a comment, and if you think this would be useful for anyone go ahead and share it with them. And to make sure you don't miss out on anything, I encourage you to head over to nobodyneedsacoach.com and make sure you're on the newsletter list!

In the meantime I'll sign off by wishing you every success in whatever you are doing, whatever that success might mean for you.

That's it! Bye for now and I'll see you again, next time.

Launching 30 January 2023


I firmly and passionately believe that coaching is a positive, forward looking and intentional investment in your creation of a fulfilling, rewarding and successful future. But sometimes the time isn't right, or the financial resources aren't there, or the company won't fund it.

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