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We need to talk about Stress...
There's an important issue I need to address in the podcast, so I'll start to explore it in Episode 4. We all know stress is an issue in the workplace and elsewhere so the better we understand it, the better we can deal with it...

So here are my thoughts on Episode Four.

I think there's a really important subject I need to cover, and it's the issue of stress.

I've had clients who have been unable to sleep because of a relatively simple work situation. I've had clients who have felt obliged to work into the early hours to complete a relatively trivial piece of work. I've experienced it myself, too, first hand, to the extent I took myself off to Charing Cross Hospital in London fearing I was having a heart attack at the age of 38. I know an incredibly intelligent and strong-minded person who experienced so much workplace stress over such a long time that they developed a skin condition that kept them off work for six months.

Stress can trigger migraines, depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem, relationship breakdown, over-eating, addictions, bad temper, bullying, shame and even suicide.

I'll say it again. People in your own personal world are suffering. They might not be showing it, or admitting it even to themselves, but they are there. If they are in your team, that matters. If they are your family and friends, even more so. And if it's you then it's something that needs to be taken seriously. This is a problem that can't be denied. And it affects lives.

Let's look at some statistics for the UK.

The mental health charity Mind tells us that in any given week in England, 6 in 100 people will be diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder.

Mental Health UK tells us that one in 4 people have experienced a mental health problem and at any one time over 8 million people in the UK are experiencing anxiety disorder.

Even the Governments Health and Safety Executive estimates that 822,000 workers are affected by work place stress. That's around two and a half percent of the working population, and it's going up. And that's way underestimated if other reports are to be believed.

For example, the Workplace Health Survey 2022 by Champion Health uncovered several disturbing statistics. 58% of employees are experiencing anxiety. More than half. A third of those are aged between 25 and 34. A further 20% are aged between 35 and 44, and another 20% between 45 and 54. Nearly two thirds are female. And only 9% of employees experiencing anxiety are seeking mental health support. Almost a quarter of all employees are experiencing 'clinically relevant symptoms' and should probably seek qualified professional help. More than one in ten employees are currently diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, one in ten with depression and 3% with social anxiety.

Put it this way. If you are in a team of two, then it's highly likely that either you or your colleague are experiencing anxiety at some level. If you are in a team of four, it is highly likely that two people in the team are experiencing anxiety. One of them could be you. One of them might be having serious problems. And that could be you, too.

Whether the numbers are right or wrong, we all know from our own experience that this is an issue.

So stress is something we need to understand.

We need to understand the symptoms of stress. We need to understand the structure of stress. We need to understand the causes of stress.

And we need practical insights, strategies and tools to help us deal with it better.

So that's the plan for Episode Four.

I hope you find it helpful it when it's all released! And I hope you find that it's something you can use in your own life and career.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this, and I'd be interested to hear about your own experiences.

So please leave me a comment, and if you think this would be useful for anyone go ahead and share it with them. And to make sure you don't miss out on anything, I encourage you to head over to nobodyneedsacoach.com and make sure you're on the newsletter list!

In the meantime I'll sign off by wishing you every success in whatever you are doing, whatever that success might mean for you.

That's it! Bye for now and I'll see you again, next time.

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